Arguments argue; not people

This is our belief when it comes to dealing with contradictory issues. Attorneys’ task is to help their principal to resolve conflicts rather than create new ones. Quite often, conflicts are resolved in a manner similar to piecing together a jigsaw puzzle; pieces representing different opinions and points of view are matched and fitted to their place. Sometimes, what provides the client with a justified benefit may be a quick compromise of contradictory opinions, not a court decision declared several years later. The best solution is assessed individually in each case. Due to ongoing training and specialized knowledge, an attorney has the capacity for evaluating the measures necessary for the case and suggesting the juridical pathway through which it is most appropriate to approach the issue at hand.

We serve our customers flexibly and quickly with over 40 years of experience

Our operations are located in four areas of the Pirkanmaa region; we have offices in Tampere, Sastamala, Valkeakoski and Lempäälä (Ideapark). Our location in the middle of southern Finland and the usage of modern IT systems enable us to provide our customers with personal service regardless of their place of residence. If need be, we’ll come to meet customers in Tampere, Sastamala and Valkeakoski without charging for travel expenses.

It is difficult for an attorney to keep up-to-date in every dimension of the constantly changing legislation. That is why every lawyer has specific areas of legislation in which they are specialized. Even so, all of our lawyers work with the traditional general and corporate law matters, such as litigation processes, appealing procedures and civil cases concerning contracts, real estates and inheritance. Read more…


Risto Tuori

Attorney, partner, Licentiate of Laws, trained on the bench

Mika Allén

Attorney, partner, Master of Laws, trained on the bench

Antti Malinen

Attorney, Partner, Master of Laws, trained on the bench

Marjo Anttoora

Attorney, Master of Laws, trained on the bench

Anni Honka

Lawyer, Master of Laws, trained on the bench